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Artificial Plants

Ficus Tree with Natural Trunk 125cm 2
Ficus Tree with Natural Trunk 125cm 2
artificial plants icons logo

Highly detailed plants

Beleaves artificial plants feature fine attention to detail, from the arrangement of leaves to the design of branches. We value artificial plants that look as realistic as possible, without the worry of keeping them healthy and alive.

Quality Materials

We think it's important for artificial plants to give the same natural vibe to a space as living plants. Our manufacturers are carefully chosen for the premium materials that look and move just like the real thing.

Easy To Care For

The greatest benefit of artificial plants is no fear of withering away! Almost all of our plants can be kept anywhere inside or out. An occasional dusting keeps the indoor plants looking fresh.

Wide Variety

From small house plants to outdoor potted trees, hanging baskets and artificial flowers, we aim to supply a good variety of the best artificial plants. If you have any questions, contact us on

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