Realistic Artificial Plants

realistic artificial plants

Artificial plants are becoming more and more realistic. This is primarily due to the fabrics and materials used in modern faux plants providing a more organic look feel than ever. 

This is combined with greater attention to detail, giving our fake plants and fake trees a greater realism. From colours and shades, to leaf and branch design, our faux plants will look just like real plants – before close inspection!


While having real living plants in the home and business space is nice, they can be particularly hard to maintain. Limited light, wrong temperatures, varied watering and general neglect can all contribute to living plants looking less than fresh very quickly. Artificial plants suffer none of these factors, except the occasional dusting, keeping them green and happy.

You can also install artificial hanging plants or ceiling greenery in places you wouldn’t easily be able to reach. This saves worrying about watering or pulling down if they wilt and die.


Artificial trees such as olive trees, money trees and palm trees are popular in indoor spaces, but particularly hard to keep alive without proper roots. Pots are very restrictive for a large tree and it is usually impractical to keep a living tree any other way.

Realistic artificial trees do however look amazing in the home and office spaces, adding a natural energy to your space. Tall artificial plants and trees work well in dark corners or framing an entrance such as a doorway. Shorter trees can also give context to other features of your home such as at the end of a sofa or staircase.