KlarnaPayment Options

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We have partnered with Klarna to give you extra shopping options. By selecting Klarna at checkout, you can Pay Later or pay in Interest-Free Instalments.

Pay Later

Select Pay Later with Klarna at checkout to pay in 30 days. Your checkout and order process is exactly the same and you will receive your delivery well ahead of payment. Complete your payment after 30 days at no extra cost.

Interest-Free Instalments

Select Interest Free Instalments at checkout to split the cost of your order into 3 payments, charged every 30 days. The total cost of your order is exactly the same as an up-front payment.

For more information about payments, see our Terms & Conditions.

Payment Processing with Klarna

Occasionally payments will not complete because authorisation is rejected by Klarna. Most often this will be your first time using the service, if you are declined. There are a number of reasons this can happen, as Klarna tries to verify your status. Try the below to qualify for Klarna credit or otherwise, you have the option to select Debit or Credit card at checkout.

  • Most commonly your shipping address is different to your billing address. Fix this by making them the same.
  • Your billing address might have changed to what the bank have on file. For example, if you have recently moved this will need to be updated.
  • Klarna will only allow payments from approved countries, currently the UK, USA, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria and Norway.
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